This is the first of a five-part vlog series on HACCP and GMP. It was originally delivered on 18 May 2011 by myself, Philip Button, as Lecture 8 of the subject “Food Manufacture” at RMIT University. In this first video, I introduce HACCP – what it is, its origins, its scope and then cover hazard analysis as the first step in the HACCP process. This is the step to identify anything that presents a potential hazard and if identified as such, must be controlled or eliminated, as that means it would be a health (illness or injury) risk to consumers. Some important points to note are; I) That HACCP is a preventive system, rather than a reactive system, which is what (finished) product quality control is and II) Like everything, HACCP is not a zero-risk system and will (dramatically) reduce hazards and incidents, but cannot guarantee elimination of those hazards.