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#FresherHealthierSafer – researchers, educators and consultants in food microbiology

About us

Fresher Healthier Safer.

This is at the core of our technical expertise.

FRESHER food products.

HEALTHEIR food products.

SAFER food products.

We practice and promote Fresher Healthier Safer through our three core areas of food spoilage, probiotics and gut health, food safety.

As a specialist academy dedicated to food microbiology, we can trace our origins back to April 2012 with the establishment of the Australian Food Microbiology Society. Since then, the organisation has morphed, evolved and transformed until December 2019 when Food Microbiology Academy was founded by Dr Philip Button, who launched our blog. Our mission is simple – we are working towards being a global influencer in the core areas of our expertise to be able to empower individuals, guide corporations and influence government policy for economic and health improvements. We are are firmly committed to achieving this by creating and sharing understanding of food microbiology to drive innovation and efficiency across the globe. Why would we want to do this? To improve the quality of life of people the world over. That is our WHY.

OUR VISION: Influence global improvements in food safety, food preservation and gut health through empowerment of the individual and policy reform.

OUR MISSION: Create and share knowledge of food microbiology for the betterment of society.

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