Food Microbiology Academy

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The breadth, depth and passion we have for sharing of knowledge shines through in our diverse learning experiences.  Come learn with us if you:

  • Work in the food manufacturing industry and require staff training in the following areas:
    • Short course (four day intensive program)
      • Introductory microbiology
    • Whole day workshops
      • Food microbiology for non-microbiologists
      • Analytical food microbiology
      • Food safety, HACCP and GMP
    • Half day workshops
      • Food bacteriology for microbiologists
      • Food virology for microbiologists
      • Food mycology for microbiologists
      • Probiotics and fermented foods
      • Innovative and emerging food processing technologies
    • One hour seminars/webinars
      • Principles of industrial microbiology
      • Management of microbes in dairy products
      • Aseptic technique in microbiology
      • Iron acquisition and bacterial meat spoilage
      • Biochemistry and microbiology of UHT milk spoilage

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  • Are a coursework student in the following areas:
    • Primary school science.
    • Secondary school food technology, genetics, molecular biology.
    • Undergraduate and postgraduate biostatistics, microbiology, food microbiology, industrial microbiology, medical microbiology.
  • Reviews of coursework tutoring:

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  • If you are a non-humanities research student. Especially in agriculture, engineering, dentistry, IT, science, medicine, pharmacy and related disciplines:
    • We can provide guidance in:
      • Research proposals
      • Experimental design and methodology selection
      • Literature reviews
      • Thesis preparation
      • Grant application writing
      • Manuscripts for peer-reviewed papers
      • Conference presentations (oral and poster)
      • Academic letters and applications of any type
  • Reviews of our academic research support:

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  • Are a consumer wanting to learn more about food.  Our seminars and webinars cover the following topics:
    • Food additives
  • Reviews from people that have learnt with us:
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