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Our team

We are a dedicated team here to drive and inspire your creativity, innovation and passion.

Dr Philip Button, Academy Director & Head of Research

Based in: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Expertise in theoretical research, academic and scholarly perspectives on all areas of food microbiology, although particularly in food quality and spoilage.

Alma mater: The University of Melbourne.

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Ms Rajvi Thakore, Senior Research Assistant

Based in: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A pharmacist with developing research expertise in industrial microbiology and biotechnology from her current rigorous research training in the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University.

Alma mater: L.J. Institute of Pharmacy.

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Ms Priyanka Srivastava, Head of Teaching

Based in: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Passionate about microbiology teaching and with research expertise in microbial ecology from her PhD in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Alma mater: Institute of Applied Medicines & Research.

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Ms Lucy Lam, Food Industry Research Specialist

Based in: Taipei, Taiwan. Lucy’s solid understanding of the food industry with expertise in QA, QC and food safety brings industry relevance to our research, ensuring we current address real-world problems.

Alma mater: 香港中文大學 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

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