Food Microbiology Academy

#FresherHealthierSafer – researchers, educators and consultants in food microbiology


Knowledge creation through our cutting edge research – we provide research and development perspectives on food safety, food spoilage in addition to probiotics, gut health and fermented foods. We do this through contract research (primarily through engagements with the food manufacturing industry) and collaborative research (typically through our relationships with universities and government. The key areas of our research efforts are:

  • New, emerging and innovative thermal and non-thermal processing technologies.
  • Food technology neophobia.
  • Food safety education and awareness.
  • Optimisation of industrial production of food additives by microorganisms.
  • Processing and product parameters permitting or enhancing survival/growth of pathogenic and/or spoilage microorganisms.
  • Response of microorganisms to food preservation techniques.
  • Enhancing health promotion effects of probiotic microorganisms.
  • Streamlining manufacture of fermented foods to a high quality so as to deliver maxim health benefits to consumers.
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