A message from our Academy Director & Head of Research:

Just over two years since Food Microbiology Academy was established, on 14 December 2019. Our original vision was to be an independent research institute, with a supporting teaching program. With this in mind, and with no funding for research, we commenced consulting and extension services, for the global food manufacturing industry. We quickly started working with clients in Europe, North America and locally here in Australia, over our first few months. Much of this initial work was in the area of shelf-life optimisation and extension, troubleshooting industry quality issues and extending shelf-life for export products, for example. Within half a year we recognised that more opportunities existed in the area of food new product development (NPD). In the middle of 2020, we commenced our first projects in this area. With more clients and our first products nearing completion towards the end of 2020, we made the choice to separate the food NPD activities into a separate organisation, Food Entrepreneurship Academy, co-founded by Mr Naishad Dalal and Dr Philip Button in January of 2021. During 2021, Food Microbiology Academy handled consulting projects in the shelf-life determination, optimisation and extension area. As we approach 2022, Food Microbiology Academy is looking at a slight pivot, returning to a clearer direction towards our original vision if you like, with our (food microbiology) consulting and extension activities migrating to Food Entrepreneurship Academy. This leaves the Food Microbiology Academy with more freedom to pursue it’s original vision, with a focus on research, supporting by a teaching program. To this end, our focus in 2022 will be research. Research as an independent and non-affiliated institute, led by Dr Philip Button (speaking in our video below), as our Academy Director and Head of Research. While we have some older projects to finish up, our first research project to be established will be food safety on cooking shows, as outlined below. Thus, Food Microbiology Academy will be starting 2022 as a dedicated, independent and non-affiliated research institute for food microbiology. With this, we look forward to an exciting 3rd year of our institute by creating knowledge through our research program(s).

With best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2022,